SynapseIndia CSR: Mayurasana

SynapseIndia CSR - Mayurasana

Yoga is spiritual journey to self-discovery and the only moment that truly exists. It can lead to the one thing that we’re constantly looking for: discovery of one’s sense of purpose and meaning in life.

At International Chandramauli Charitable trust, Mayurasana is the first pose that they teach to children. Such pose dissolves all poisons and impurities both mental and physical making it an incredibly powerful purifying asan.

Shamit Khemka, Founder of SynapseIndia, a great lover of Yoga, has great hand in supporting this trust and contributed in number of Chandramauli Trust’s activities. This is something that adds up to his corporate image and make him standout.

He trust that education about incredible Indian history and culture is essential for children that help them to take a closer learning about the world around them. Also, a holistic approach towards education empower children to grow up as a responsible and balanced citizens.