SynapseIndia CSR – Helped a Trust with land acquisition

SynapseIndia has always displayed its commitment towards empowering the society via exemplary corporate social responsibility (CSR) program. Among the many programs, providing support to International Chandramauli Charitable Trust comes as a major effort.

In a recently conducted SynapseIndia CSR activity, International Chandramauli Charitable Trust was provided help with acquisition of land. This move will help the Trust in accommodating more children. Providing aid to NGOs and Trusts has always been a crucial part of SynapseIndia’s corporate social responsibility. Also, the company has been contributing to the welfare of society via various social awareness programs since 2000.

Mr. Shamit Khemka, the founder of SynapseIndia, strongly believes in carrying out such activities, therefore, he always manages time to conduct them from time to time. His guidance and continued efforts have always led to the welfare of various healthcare organizations, old age homes, educational institutions, women shelters etc.

About SynapseIndia

An IT venture that started in 2000 has provided excellent IT services to various clients from all over the world. Offering quality services in the IT field, the company has a remarkable track record of maintaining 100% satisfied clients. Being a process driven organization, each of the development work done by SynapseIndia always results in on-time delivery of the project.


SynapseIndia CSR – Sweaters gifted to International Chandramauli Charitable Trust

synapseindia csr

Under a recently conducted SynapseIndia CSR activity, the children of International Chandramauli Charitable Trust, Varanasi were provided with sweaters. A company has remained active in social activities since the year of inception and has always contributed to the welfare of society via its CSR program.

Supporting social initiatives always

Mr. Shamit Khemka, the founder of SynapseIndia, has always supported the fact that contributing to society is an integral part which must not be neglected. He further adds, “Over the years, we have continued to support Trusts and have taken it with utter seriousness.” Having supported many social awareness programs since 2000, the company has always conducted CSR activities at regular intervals.

As a leader in the IT sector, SynapseIndia understands how important it is to contribute towards the welfare of the society. Undoubtedly, such support from the corporates always takes the society and its people to the path of growth and development.

About SynapseIndia –

As a reliable IT and software development company, SynapseIndia, has always provided its clients with the best quality of development. Having served clients from all over the world in various industry verticals, the company has gained a remarkable status in the IT industry. To know more about us, visit our website.

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SynapseIndia CSR: Helping the underprivileged live a better life

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SynapseIndia CSR refers to all activities of charity and social welfare performed by the company as part of corporate social responsibility. Being a prominent IT outsourcing company with clients across Europe and worldwide, SynapseIndia always ensures to fulfill its responsibilities towards society. While many modern companies strive to make more money, SynapseIndia never forgets its corporate social responsibility.

“One simple act of goodness and charity has huge impact on others. Sharing is the best way to show that we care and this is what we have been taught since childhood. But often, in a race to compete with others and for personal gains, we start focusing only on our personal growth & success instead of helping those in need in society and others. However, when we share something with those who are not as fortunate as we are, we are actually showing our gratitude towards God for being kind to us. Hence, it is good to help others in whichever way we can,” as per Shamit Khemka – the successful entrepreneur and philanthropist.

As part of SynapseIndia CSR, the company supports the International Chandramauli Charitable trust in Varanasi.

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SynapseIndia CSR: Towards the welfare of society and those who really need help

SynapseIndia CSR

SynapseIndia CSR refers to various measures and initiatives that the company takes towards fulfilling its corporate social responsibilities (CSR). Being a globally recognized software development company with its office in the UK as well, SynapseIndia never forgets its corporate social responsibilities. The organization is associated with the International Chandramauli Charitable Trust in Varanasi. The company offers financial support to this trust, so that the underprivileged children can get access to education, food, clothing and housing!

“We all should be ready to help the society we live in! Let’s ensure that we will always keep our surroundings neat & clean, environment safe and healthy for the next generations to live safely and breathe freely, and support the needy, so that they can also live satisfied and respectable life! Through CSR, companies can also ensure to make their contribution towards the betterment and upliftment of society & environment,” as per Shamit Khemka – the philanthropist and successful entrepreneur.

Through SynapseIndia CSR, the company strives to help improve the living standards who are less fortunate than others.

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Shamit Khemka: Increase your chances of entering politics by SEO

Shamit khemka

Shamit Khemka is a successful entrepreneur, IT mentor and Founder as well as Managing Director of SynapseIndia (a trusted IT outsourcing company) and SynapseInteractive – a globally recognized digital marketing agency having its client base across the USA and worldwide. Besides being a hardcore businessman, he is a true gentleman and a philanthropist who always believe in helping the society, as and when required. As part of SynapseIndia CSR, Shamit Khemka always ensures that the company contributes towards the welfare of society.

Shamit Khemka possesses great knowledge of IT and digital marketing spheres and he highly recommends online promotion for all those individuals who are desirous of entering politics in the USA or elsewhere in the world. Result oriented SEO and online promotion can help you reach out to your target audiences (potential voters and political parties) and increase your possibilities of entering politics. When you become popular among people and your name becomes a household name (through extensive SEO and online promotion), any political party will like to invite you to join them.

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Organizations must fulfill their corporate social responsibility at any cost

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SynapseIndia CSR initiatives and all activities have one common goal and it to help the underprivileged come in to the mainstream. That is why; the organization offers full financial support to the International Chandramauli Charitable trust. The trust is working towards the betterment of the underprivileged children in society by offering shelter, clothing, food, and education.

“We all receive so much from the society and others – directly or indirectly. All our actions should be towards the welfare of society. We should never shy away from sharing some part of our good fortune with those who are in need,” as per the Philanthropist – Shamit Khemka.

With the help of the International Chandramauli Charitable trust, SynapseIndia is working towards ensuring that all children get access to education, food, clothing and shelter. SynapseIndia is a globally recognized IT company with its client base across the USA, UK and worldwide. All of the SynapseIndia CSR initiatives are in the direction of the welfare of the poor and needy.

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